In this post I’ll share what are some of the tools I use on a daily basis. This article is inspired by Wes Bos’ /uses.


  • Most of my development work is done on a macOS. Stable, developer-friendly, most of the dev tools are available for macOS. Can’t complain.
  • When I need to offload some memory-consuming programs, like docker and kubernetes I use Nimbus. It’s a great tool for developing on the cloud.
Visual Studio Code
  • For most of my projects, I use VSCode as my primary text editor. I use the Github Light Default theme and the IBM Plex Mono font. Before switching to IBM Plex Mono, I had been using Jetbrains Mono font since the day it was released. Both of these fonts are great.
  • For quickly testing a code snippet, I use CodeRunner. It supports many different languages.
  • I use TablePlus for managing all of my databases. In a world full of memory-consuming electron apps, I find TablePlus to be the most reliable as it uses the OS-provided native API.
Postman Agent
  • I use Postman Agent to test my API endpoints. I prefer the lightweight Postman Agent over the full-featured Postman because then I have one less Electron app on my machine. Postman Agent only creates a bridge between the web UI and the local network.
  • For terminal, I have recently switched from Iterm2 to Warp. Warp has many features like natural text editing, bookmarking and output sharing etc.
  • I use Brave as my primary web browser for both development and browsing despite it’s controversial crypto-mania. I haven’t run into any issues so far because crypto is an opt-in feature of Brave and I never opted-in.


  • I use Alfred workflow to quickly peek at developer documentations, find synonyms/antonyms, quickly access github repo/pr etc. It also has a useful clipboard manager.
  • When I need to organize my thoughts, I use MindNode.
  • I use Notion heavily for note-taking and to-do lists. Notion is an amazing app.
  • Whimsical is very useful when I quickly need to create a flowchart or a mockup.